3 Ways to Keep Your Business Safe During a Pandemic

It is an unprecedented time in our culture and we're all doing the best we can to stay safe and healthy. Here are 3 cost effective ways to keep a virus at bay.

Driver Access Cages

Driver Access Cages not only increase security within your warehouse, but they act as a barrier, preventing truck drivers, delivery people and other non-employees from entering your building without permission. Failing to restrict building access is a huge potential risk for accidents in your facility, especially if they are not a trained employee. Driver Access Cages also protect your inventory. Many companies now have protocols and procedures in place for checking visitors in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Driver Access Cages are a great place to start!

Ray-Air Fans

Studies have show that COVID-19 can last several hours, if not days, on hard surfaces. The virus can only last about 3 hours in the air. A good solution would be to keep the air flow going! Ray-Air uses patented air movement technology to increase Air Turnovers per Hour (ATPH). In addition to purifying the air, it is also energy efficient and it keeps your space at consistent temperatures.

Janitorial Cabinets

Although this product might not help you prevent the spread of a virus directly, it will definitely help keep you sane by keeping you clean and organized! We have a variety of cabinets for different purposes, but our janitorial cabinets are great for storing cleaning products and chemicals.
janitorial storage cabinet

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