4 Reasons to Get a Barron Calendar

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Caster Calendar

Lots of companies come out with their own calendars. Whether it's poster-style, pocket calendars, or flip-book style, they all do the same thing – tell you the date. So why would you need one from Barron Equipment & Overhead Doors? Here are 4 reasons why!

1. It's functional

Calendars are great to look at, but they're meant to be used! Scribble in appointments, meetings, events, birthdays, you name it. The best calendars are the ones that can be personalized for your needs. Our new style of calendar is a flip book style that allows big enough spaces to write information in for each day. This creates the perfect amount of functionality for our calendars.

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2. It's informational

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Lots of people wonder what we do at Barron Equipment & Overhead Doors. Basically, if it's in your warehouse, it's in our wheelhouse! The Barron Product calendar features a different product group every month with information and pictures. The Barron Caster calendar does the same, but with caster specific information. Both are great for expanding your product knowledge of the material handling industry and understanding what Barron has to offer.


3. Deals on deals!

It wouldn't be fun if we weren't giving anything away! We have a variety of offers each month of the calendar. Some of these offers on the product calendar include: 15% off scheduled maintenance, 10% off residential garage door openers, free rack inspections, etc. The caster calendar offers 20% off of your first online caster order. All of these amazing offers add up to over $1,000 worth of deals.

Liftmaster 8355W 267 Garage Door Opener


4. It's FREE!

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Did we mention both of these calendars are free? That's right! Over $1,000 worth of deals for free! Order yours today by clicking one of the buttons below, or email us for more information.