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Custom Solutions for Industrial Applications

At Barron Equipment and Overhead Doors, we have a whole team of product specialists dedicated to providing custom solutions for clients in Iowa and surrounding states. 

Here’s how a typical interaction with one of product experts goes:

1). Client reaches out to Barron Equipment and describes an ergonomic problem within their company — i.e. carts are heavy and difficult to push/pull, racking system is inefficient, employees are suffering from injuries due to lifting heavy boxes off a table on to a pallet rack, or the company is having an issue with loading dock safety due to lack of truck restraints, safety communication lights and/or loading dock levelers.

2). Barron Product Specialist sets up a day and time to visit the client at their facility and review the issue(s) at hand.

3). Client explains the issue(s) and the Product Specialist works with the client to determine the proper material handling equipment that will make the most sense for the company, as well as a budget and timeline for installment.

4). Product Specialist prepares a quote (or multiple quotes depending on the solution) and presents quote(s) to the client.

5). Client accepts the quote(s) and places a purchase order for the equipment and installation.

6). Barron Product Expert works with the Barron Service Team and Client to schedule product installation.

7). Product is shipped and installed.

8). Client is happy because their company improved their ergonomics and increased their operational efficiencies.

9). Barron Product Expert is happy to have to assisted another Client in improving their ergonomics within their workplace and saving their Client money.

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Areas of Service

Barron Equipment has two brick and mortar locations in Iowa — Davenport and Des Moines. We also have a product expert and service team located in the Cedar Rapids/Waterloo area. This allows us to consult and service the whole state of Iowa, typically same day depending on the location. Due to our locations, we can also service all states surrounding Iowa, but onsite visits from product specialists and service appointments may not be available same day. 
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What if your company isn’t located in the Midwest?

While we have Product Specialists available for onsite visits in Iowa and surrounding states, we do not necessarily have the capability to visit your company in person if you’re located outside of the Midwest. However, we have a knowledgeable team of Inside Sales Product Experts that have worked in the Material Handling Industry for a cumulative of 35 years and are ready to assist and talk through custom solutions.


Popular Product Inquiries

Some of our industrial products require more decision making than others. That’s why we have a team of specialists to help assist in choosing the right products for your company. 

Here are the product groups on which people most commonly request additional information:

Industrial Overhead Doors

Truck & Loading Dock Equipment

Portable Offices & Mezzanines

Cranes & Hoists

Conveyor Systems

Industrial Pallet Racking


The majority of these products also require installation, which is most likely why people request more information about them. Fortunately, Barron Equipment has a full service staff that covers all of Iowa. Our service department not only installs material handling equipment and doors, they also service every type of equipment — even if we didn’t sell it! For more information about the capabilities of our service team, visit our commercial services page

Customer Testimonial

7G is a local Beverage Distributor in Davenport, IA. Watch the video below to see how Barron Equipment worked with 7G to implement a variety of material handling equipment and customized the equipment to meet their needs.

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