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PSQ40121ZN-3E Swivel Caster with Phenolic Wheel

Phenolic Casters

Phenolic casters are one of our most popular products and are a very economical choice. Phenolic caster wheels are molded from a phenolic resin and mixed with macerated canvas. These casters are available in Kingpin & Kingpinless raceway designs.


Phenolic wheels are resistant to oil, grease gasoline and mild acids. This makes them ideal for industrial manufacturing and warehousing. You'll see them on waste bins, platform trucks and job boxes and in bakeries and woodworking facilities.


Phenolic casters are available in Kingpin & Kingpinless raceway designs, as well as roller bearing and ball bearing styles.


We have 2 series of casters dedicated to Phenolic Casters:

  • 40 Series - Swivel
  • 41 Series - Rigid

The series that end in "0" are Swivel casters and the series that end in "1" and rigid casters. Your rigid caster sizes will need to match your swivel caster sizes if they are being used on the type of cart.

Advantages of Phenolic Casters

Some of the main benefits of these casters is that the wheels are extremely hard and roll very easily, which provides floor protection.

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