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Welcome to our Barron caster library, where you can easily purchase and re-order your favorite casters online! Barron Equipment offers a variety of casters for all applications. If you have a good idea of what kind of caster you need, you can use the filters on the side to narrow down to the right kind of caster. If you’re not sure what kind of caster you need, you can look at our caster subcategories that are based on capacities ranging from light duty to super heavy duty, or you can request a consultation with one of our caster experts at the bottom of this page.

Types of Casters

Did you know that out of all the material handling equipment Barron Equipment sells, casters are the only product we assemble in house? That makes us caster experts! Due to our expertise in industrial casters, we decided to put our casters into groups by capacity ranging from light duty to super heavy duty industrial casters. Here’s some information on how to understand our different types of Industrial Caster Series:

  • Our series numbers start at 20 and go up to 90. 20 is the lightest duty and 80 is the heaviest duty. 90 series is its own type of category.

Caster Series Capacities

  • Here’s a breakdown on our caster series:
    • 20 & 21 Series – Swivel & Rigid Light Duty – applications include hospitals, food processing and light duty carts.
    • 30 & 31 Series – Stainless Steel Swivel & Rigid Light Duty – These casters are essentially the stainless steel versions of the 20 & 21 series. Perfect for the pharmaceutical and food processing industries.
    • 40 & 41 Series – Economical Swivel & Rigid – These series are one of our most popular. They are great for general warehouse use, platform trucks, utility carts, and bakery carts.
    • 50 & 51 Series – Stainless Steel Swivel & Rigid Heavy Duty – These are stainless steel version of the 40 & 41 series.
    • 60 & 61 Series – Kingpinless Swivel & Rigid – These are heavy duty versions of the 40 & 41 series and are specifically used for industrial manufacturing with its longer service life and better ergonomics.
    • 70 & 71 Series – Kingpinless Swivel & Rigid Heavy Duty – heavier duty version of Series 60 & 61.
    • 80 & 81 Series – Kingpinless Swivel & Rigid Super Heavy Duty – super heavy duty version of Series 60 & 61.
    • 90 & 91 Series – Pneumatic Swivel & Rigid – pneumatic casters great for outdoor uses like lawn and garden and industrial applications.
  • Many, but not all, caster applications include a combination of rigid and swivel casters. Note that you will want to look in the same series type to find the complimentary swivel or rigid caster.
    • Example – I have two 6in x 2in Kingpinless Swivel Casters in my cart (part number is 60.62.50.APB). I would like to add two rigid casters that match. I will need to look in the 61 Series to find the matching rigid caster. In this case – it would be part number 61.62.50.APB.
  • We have separate categories for wheels, floor locks, caster components (caster parts) and clearance items.
  • Floor Locks are a great complimentary item to casters.

Product Videos

Check out these informational videos about some of our top selling caster solutions:

Caster Wheel Brakes

Barron Equipment has a wide variety of braking options available for both industrial casters and kingpinless casters. To learn the difference between the different locking casters, check out this blog post –

Braking Ground: A Comprehensive Guide to Diverse Industrial Caster Brake Types

Selection Assistance

Need a little more guidance when it comes to casters? We have a full team dedicated to providing assistance to customers when it comes to caster solutions. We can even tackle custom applications and provide expertise to improve your ergonomics and efficiencies in your workplace. Fill out the form below to get in touch with a caster specialist today!

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