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Athletic Lockers


Barron athletic lockers are large metal sports lockers designed to store team uniforms and equipment. They feature a spacious open front compartment for bulky gear and a separate area for hanging uniforms. They are ideal for sports teams at all levels, from middle and high school to college and professional. Visit Barron today to shop!

Features and Benefits

The Lyon Victory and Collegiate line of metal athletic lockers provide high-quality, versatile, and secure storage solutions for team locker rooms, accommodating various sports levels, from high school football locker rooms to professional hockey stadiums. With the option for color customization and manufacturing in the USA, Lyon’s athletic lockers offer a comprehensive storage solution for sports teams at every level.

Material16-Gauge Steel Body, 18-Gauge Backs
Dimensions24 Inches Wide x 72 Inches High
Storage Features Full-Width Shelf | Full-Width Coat Rod
Four Sets of Hooks | Bench Seat | Name Plate (Victory)
Additional Options Security Box, | Footlocker
Color OptionsBlue Streak | Dove Gray | Putty | Red Barron | Vulcan Black
Manufacturing Made in the USA

Athletic Lockers for Sale

Barron is proud to partner with some of the leading locker manufacturers in the United States. We provide a large inventory of Metal Athletic lockers, including:

Victory Sports Locker: The Victory sports locker is a versatile and heavy-duty storage solution, serving multiple purposes such as hockey locker room stalls, football lockers, baseball lockers, basketball lockers, and even turnout gear lockers for fire stations. They are renowned for their durability, making them suitable for heavy use in various sports and professional settings.

Victory Sport Locker with Security Box: This option offers the same versatility and durability as the standard Victory Sports Locker, with the main differentiator being the security box. It provides a secure place for your players to store small personal items such as wallets, purses, and phones. The lockbox compartment is located on the right side of the top shelf.

Victory Sports Locker with Footlocker: Similar to the standard Victory Sports Locker, this variation also offers versatility and durability. Crafted from robust, heavy-duty gauge steel, our Victory sports locker with a footlocker design features diamond perforations on both sides, enhancing airflow to keep used gear and equipment dry.


Sports Teams and Athletic Facilities: Athletic stadium lockers are commonly used by sports teams, both at the professional and amateur levels. They provide individual storage space for athletes to store their uniforms, equipment, and personal belongings. In team locker rooms, they often serve as a place for athletes to prepare for games and practices.

Fitness Centers and Gyms: Many fitness centers and gyms offer lockers for their members to store their workout gear, clothing, and personal items while they exercise. These lockers help maintain a clean and organized gym environment.

Schools and Universities: Athletic storage lockers are essential in educational institutions with sports programs. They provide student-athletes with a secure place to store their gear and personal items during practices and games.

Recreation Centers: Recreation centers often feature athletic metal lockers for visitors who want to use the facility’s sports equipment or swim in a pool. Lockers help ensure the safety and security of personal items while people enjoy recreational activities.

Swimming Pools and Aquatic Facilities: Locker rooms at swimming pools and aquatic facilities frequently have athletic team lockers to accommodate swimmers’ needs. These lockers are designed to withstand the humidity common in these areas.

Selection Assistance:

At Barron Equipment, our goal is to pair you with the perfect storage locker and accessories that meets all your requirements. If you need further information on any of our products, simply take a look at our collection of school lockers and then fill out the form below.

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