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Cell Phone Lockers


Barron’s cell phone lockers are safe and secure storage units designed for storing cell phones and other mobile devices securely. Our phone storage lockers offer multiple compartments, each designed to accommodate a single device. These slots can also be equipped with USB chargers and come with manual or digital locks for your convenience. The compartments are numbered and labeled for easy identification. Best of all, we offer free shipping across the entire continental United States. Check out our options below.


Security: Phone lockers offer a secure solution to protect valuable electronic devices from theft or loss. You can choose between our Padlock Hasp locks or our Digital locks, making the storage of cell phones easy and safe.

Convenience: Users can charge their devices while they are stored, ensuring that they are fully charged and ready for use when retrieved.

Productivity: In educational and workplace settings, phone lockers can help reduce distractions and improve productivity.

Cell Phone Lockers for Schools

Phone lockers are commonly used in educational institutions to prevent distractions during classes and exams. Cell phone lockers for classrooms allow students to safely store their mobile phones while attending lectures or taking tests.

Cell Phone Lockers for Workplaces

Cell phone lockers for employees are becoming increasingly common. Providing phone lockers for employees to secure their phones and prevent usage during work hours can improve productivity and reduce security concerns related to sensitive information on personal devices.

Cell Phone Lockers for Events

Cell phone locker units can be set up at events, conferences, or trade shows to provide attendees with a secure place to store their devices during sessions or networking activities.

Selection Assistance:

At Barron Equipment, our goal is to pair you with the perfect cell phone storage locker that meets all your requirements. If you need further information on any of our products, simply take a look at our collection of mobile phone lockers and then fill out the form below.


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