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School Lockers


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Barron offers top-of-the-line school lockers made to be durable, suitable for middle and high school environments as well as gym locker rooms. With a wide range of sizes available, including 1-wide and 3-wide options, Barron provides a diverse selection of industry-leading steel lockers.

Features and Benefits

Our Lyon metal lockers differ from standard metal lockers. Lyon lockers are constructed using 16-gauge steel for the door and frame, and 24-gauge steel for the body, all finished with a powder coat paint. They include recessed lift handles equipped with a built-in padlock hasp.

Single-tier high school lockers include a top shelf, while both single, double, and triple-tier lockers feature single-prong hooks for hanging items.

School Lockers for Sale

At Barron, we provide a large inventory of steel lockers, including Single Tier, Double Tier Lockers, Triple Tier, Four tier, Five Tier, and Six Tier Lockers. This variety ensures that you can opt for the one that best suits your school or company. Our school lockers are available in both Unassembled and Assembled options, and we take pride in offering complimentary delivery for all items within our school lockers catalog.

Ensure your students’ organization and security by minimizing clutter, reinforcing protection for their belongings, and fostering a sense of responsibility as they adeptly manage their personal space and possessions.

Locking Options

Our school lockers offer a choice between recessed lift handles and pull handles, both of which are equipped with a built-in padlock hasp, allowing users to utilize their preferred locks. Lockers featuring lift handles utilize a robust latching system that enhances protection against break-ins, setting them apart from other locker systems. For better security, these lockers can be furnished with either built-in combination locks or key locks. Our selection includes Zephyr combo locks, utilizing a standard 3-number combination, while our flat key lock is accompanied by two keys. Incorporating any of these built-in lock options into lockers with either handle style is easily achievable.

More Applications

Moreover, school lockers transcend their utility in educational institutions and also find great relevance in corporate settings, providing essential organization for work-related materials, enhancing security by safeguarding personal belongings and confidential documents, and promoting a sense of identity and professionalism while optimizing available space.

Some of these other applications are:

  1. Fitness Centers and Gyms
  2. Healthcare Facilities
  3. Entertainment Venues
  4. Corporate Offices
  5. Retail Stores
  6. Public Transportation Hubs
  7. Recreational Facilities:

Essentially, these lockers prove valuable wherever security, organization, and convenience are essential, enhancing both customer experiences and operational efficiency.

Selection Assistance:

At Barron Equipment, our goal is to pair you with the perfect school locker that meets all your requirements. If you need further information on any of our products, simply take a look at our collection of school lockers and then fill out the form below.

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