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Plastic Storage Containers


At Barron Equipment, we understand the importance of storage solutions. Plastic storage containers are versatile tools for decluttering and organizing various aspects of your life. In an industrial setting, commercial plastic storage containers are essential for streamlining operations, enhancing organization, and safeguarding assets in your workplace. We offer free shipping across the entire continental United States. Explore our selection below.

Storage Containers for Sale

At Barron, we offer a vast inventory of industrial plastic storage containers, including hanging and stacking bins, attached lid containers, shelf bins, nesting and stacking totes, super-sized bins, straight-wall containers, and clear-view bins.

Ensure your company’s organization and security by minimizing clutter and reinforcing the protection of your items. Check out the benefits that each product category provides.

Stackable Storage Bins

Space-Efficient: Designed for stacking to maximize storage space.

Labeling Options: Many feature label slots for efficient content categorization.

Easy Access: Some have open or hopper fronts for quick item retrieval.

Wide Applications: Used in manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and healthcare for streamlined storage and organization.

Stackable Design: Features interlocking lids and reinforced corners for efficient space utilization.

Plastic Storage Containers with lids

Durable Material: Made from robust plastics like polypropylene or polyethylene, ensuring resistance to corrosion and moisture.

Stackable Design: Features interlocking lids and reinforced corners for efficient space utilization.

Secure Closure: Lids provide airtight seals to protect contents from dust, dirt, and moisture.

Variety of Sizes: Available in different sizes and capacities to suit diverse storage needs.

Easy Handling: Ergonomic features like molded handles make them easy to carry and transport.

Large Plastic Storage Containers

High Capacity: Designed for storing large volumes of items such as bulk materials and oversized equipment.

Robust Construction: Made from durable materials like polyethylene to withstand industrial environments.

Space-Efficient: Our containers can be stacked when in use and nest when empty, optimizing storage space.

Convenient Access: Some feature removable lids or access doors for easy item retrieval.

Versatile Usage: Commonly used in manufacturing, logistics, construction, and agriculture for various storage needs.

Clear Plastic Storage Containers

Transparent Visibility: Made from polycarbonate material, allowing easy visibility of contents.

Versatile Use: Commonly employed in manufacturing, electronics, and automotive industries for organizing and protecting components and tools.

Varied Sizes: Available in different sizes, suitable for a wide range of industrial uses.


Warehousing and Distribution: These containers are ideal for organizing, storing, and moving inventory in warehouses and distribution centers, simplifying order fulfillment and inventory management.

Manufacturing: Utilize these containers to store and transport components, parts, tools, and work-in-progress materials within manufacturing facilities.

Logistics and Shipping: Safeguard goods during transportation and storage, ensuring they remain intact and undamaged.

Home Organization: Employ plastic containers to declutter and organize your living spaces, from kitchens and bedrooms to garages and basements.

Garage and Workshop: Keep tools, automotive supplies, and DIY materials accessible and protected by storing them in plastic containers.

…and much more.

Selection Assistance

At Barron Equipment, our goal is to match you with the perfect plastic container that meets all your requirements. If you need further information about any of our products, please browse our collection of storage plastic containers and then complete the form below.

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