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Self Dumping Hoppers


Barron’s self dumping hoppers offer an efficient solution for scrap and trash removal. These hoppers provide the convenience of standing upright, like standard trash containers, and they can be effortlessly tilted to dispose of the contents without requiring manual labor. For even more convenience, these containers can be transported and emptied by forklifts with the appropriate capacity rating. Check out our inventory:

Self Dumping Hoppers for Sale

Barron Equipment offers over 45 models of Jesco self-dumping hoppers, catering to various needs. These models include Heavy-Duty, Extra Heavy-Duty, and Super Heavy-Duty hoppers, as well as Low-Profile self-dumping hoppers.

Features and Benefits

Our all welded self dumping hoppers are designed to tip upon activation of the locking handle, automatically returning to the upright locked position once emptied. Units are designed to empty when filled up the sloped front to shift the center of gravity towards the mouth of the unit. Trip handle is one piece with a positive locking mechanism. Jesco’s heavy duty self dumping hoppers are engineered to dump when the locking handle is tripped and will return to the upright locked position when empty. These are built to empty when filled up the sloped front to shift the center of gravity towards the mouth of the unit.


  • Safety Retaining Chain
  • Remote Trip Rope Assembly
  • Safety Labels
  • Safety Latch
  • Vista Green Color


Construction Sites – Self-dumping hoppers are designed to handle bulk materials, making them an ideal solution for construction sites. These hoppers efficiently manage construction debris and waste materials. Construction personnel can easily load debris into the hopper, and once it reaches full capacity, the hopper automatically tilts, releasing its contents into a larger waste container or dumpster. This streamlined process significantly enhances on-site waste management.

Manufacturing and Warehousing – In manufacturing facilities and warehouses, self-dumping hoppers are used to collect and transport materials such as scrap metal, plastic, cardboard, and packaging waste. Our narrow models are designed to fit into tight spaces without losing load capacity. They are strategically placed at different points, with some positioned in the production or storage areas. This arrangement allows workers to quickly dispose of waste materials.

Recycling Centers – Self-dumping hoppers are designed to handle bulk materials and scrap, especially when dealing with recyclable items that demand sorting, processing, and transportation. These hoppers efficiently collect and segregate materials like paper, cardboard, plastics, and metals. When they reach capacity, these hoppers can be effortlessly emptied into larger containers, simplifying material handling and facilitating transportation to recycling facilities.

Agriculture and Farming – In agricultural settings, self-dumping hoppers serve a range of tasks, including the efficient transportation and dumping of materials like harvested crops, animal feed, and manure around the farm. This utilization streamlines operations, reducing the need for manual labor and saving valuable time, especially during periods of high activity.

Selection Assistance:

At Barron Equipment, we’re dedicated to helping you choose the perfect self-dumping hopper. Our selection offers hoppers in capacities ranging from various cubic yards, along with complementary accessories to meet all your requirements. To learn more about any of our self-dumping hopper products, take a look at our range and then proceed to fill out the form below. Count on us to guide you in making the best decision for your waste management needs.

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