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Bin Storage Cabinets


Metal bin cabinets are storage cabinets designed with multiple small compartments or bins that are ideal for organizing and storing small parts, tools, or supplies. These welded heavy duty cabinets come in various configurations, including fixed or adjustable dividers, slide-out bins, or pull-out and adjustable shelves, to meet different storage needs. Barron provides a wide range of bin cabinets, such as all-bin cabinets, bin cabinets with shelves, bin racks, and mobile bin storage, allowing users to choose the best storage solution for their workspace.

Features and Benefits

Bin cabinets provide a convenient and efficient storage solution for small parts, tools, and supplies. They help to keep everything organized and easily accessible, which can increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace. 12 gauge steel bin cabinets also improve safety by containing small items and reducing the risk of accidents. They are space-saving, customizable, and made from durable materials, making them a practical and long-lasting storage option. Some of the cabinets also include a 3-point locking system and can be secured with a standard padlock.


Bin cabinets are particularly useful in warehousing facilities, bin cabinets are an ideal option for storing and organizing inventory, as well as shipping supplies. In the automotive and medical fields, bin cabinets are commonly used to store essential tools, medical supplies, and equipment to promote organization and safety. Educational institutions also utilize bin cabinets to store small supplies and materials. Bin cabinets are a practical and adaptable storage solution that can improve organization, safety, and productivity in diverse settings.

Best Practices

To optimize the use of bin cabinets, it is crucial to ensure that labels are clear and easy to read for quickly locating items. Using dividers helps to maximize space inside the bins and keeps items organized. For better accessibility, store frequently used items at eye level or in easy-to-reach bins, while less-used items can be stored higher up or in harder-to-reach areas. Grouping similar items together reduces search time and increases efficiency. Regularly cleaning and organizing bin cabinets helps to maintain a clutter-free and efficient workspace. Lastly, consider mobile bin cabinets for transporting items from one location to another.

Selection Assistance

At Barron Equipment, our product specialists are available to help you make the best decision when selecting the appropriate bin cabinet for your specific application. If you need assistance, simply fill out the form below, and one of our product specialists will contact you shortly.

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