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Clear View Cabinets

Clear View Storage Cabinet

Barron’s Industrial Clear View Cabinets provide visibility while maintaining security. This industrial storage cabinet is made of steel construction with a powder coat finish and a glass door for transparent storage. Users can effortlessly see what is stored inside while being protected against theft, damage, or accidental handling. For security there is a 3-point locking system along the steel doors for peace of mind. These heavy-duty cabinets are specifically designed to keep dust and debris out, ensuring the contents remain in perfect condition.

Features and Benefits

Clear view cabinets feature a range of advantages that can improve efficiency, productivity, and safety for industrial storage in various settings. Users of our storage cabinets with clear doors can easily identify the items they need without having to open the cabinet or search through multiple shelves, leading to increased accessibility and productivity. It is also equipped with adjustable shelves to help so customers can customize their storage cabinet. Additionally, clear-view cabinets allow for quick and easy categorization of items based on their contents, which can improve organization.

The clear view storage cabinet with shelves is known for its durability and strength. Made from heavy-duty materials like 12 gauge steel and 14 gauge steel with reinforced corners and edges, these cabinets can withstand harsh environments and heavy use while protecting valuable equipment and materials. They offer all the benefits of standard clear-view cabinets while providing added durability and security, including a 3-point lock mechanism for added protection. This 3-point locking mechanism is compatible with any standard padlock. The cabinet is also able to be adjusted on 3-inch centers and will ship assembled and ready.


These cabinets are used in a variety of settings, such as offices, schools, workshops, and garages, and are often used to store and organize tools, equipment, supplies, and other items. Because clear-view cabinets are cabinets with glass doors they are especially useful as a display cabinet. They are commonly placed in stores, museums, galleries, and home settings.

Selection Assistance

Our product specialists at Barron Equipment are here to help you make the best decision when it comes to selecting the right type of clear view cabinet for your application. Need assistance? Fill out the form below and one of our product specialists will be in touch soon.