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Flammable Safety Cabinets


Barron Equipment & Overhead Doors’ FM approved Flammable & Spill Containment Cabinets prioritize quality and flammable liquid safety. These cabinets are specifically designed for flammable storage and can withstand fire. The industrial storage cabinets are painted in a High-Visibility yellow shade, making them easily noticeable to workers and first responders during emergencies. For locations where volatile chemicals are present, flammable liquid storage cabinets are an excellent option.

Features and Benefits

These storage safety cabinets meet NFPA 30 and OSHA standards and are fire resistant, ensuring optimal safety standards are met. From a construction standpoint, the all-welded body design decreases the number of bolts, enhancing the cabinets’ overall structural integrity. Additional shelves are available in a variety of the flammable liquid cabinets and fire safety cabinets, allowing for more organization within the cabinets.


Many of these flammable safety cabinets and fire cabinets are used in environments where chemicals, flammable liquids and other combustible materials would be found. These environments often include hospitals, pharmacies, medical research labs, production facilities, educational labs and more. The cabinets have adjustable shelves are are ideal for containing combustible liquids, cleaning supplies and/or flammable liquids.

Selection Assistance

With a variety of flammable cabinets available, finding the right one can be a challenge. Many of the flammable storage cabinets have doors that self close, while others are manual. There are also a variety of gallon capacities. With all of these options, it can be difficult to find the right one for your company. Fill out the form below and a product specialist from Barron Equipment can held find the ideal cabinet for your specific application.

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