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Industrial Cabinets

Industrial cabinets are heavy-duty storage units specifically designed to store tools, equipment, and other industrial materials. They offer a range of storage solutions, including increased storage space, better climate control, improved organization, enhanced security, protection from environmental factors and compliance with industry regulations.


Model NumberSteel GaugeWidthDepthHeightWeightNumber of ShelvesShelf Capacity (each)Number of DrawersDrawer Capacity (each)Warranty
34-WM-14212-Gauge36″14″48″275 Lbs21900 Lbs0N/A99-Year Warranty
35-DS-24612-Gauge36″24″66″462 Lbs61100 Lbs0N/A99-Year Warranty
36-242-7DB-L14-Gauge36″24″75″705 Lbs21900 Lbs7400 Lbs25-Year Warranty
36-243-L14-Gauge36″24″75″332 Lbs31900 Lbs0N/A25-Year Warranty
36-243-P18-Gauge36″24″72″246 Lbs31000 Lbs0N/A10-Year Warranty
36-24412-Gauge36″24″78″475 Lbs42200 Lbs0N/A99-Year Warranty
36-244-L14-Gauge36″24″75″352 Lbs41900 Lbs0N/A25-Year Warranty
36-BC-243-L14-Gauge36″24″75″357 Lbs31150 Lbs0N/A25-Year Warranty
36-DS-246-L14-Gauge36″24″75″340 Lbs6950 Lbs0N/A25-Year Warranty
36-DS-24812-Gauge36″24″78″544 Lbs81100 Lbs0N/A99-Year Warranty
36-W-243-7DB-L14-Gauge36″24″75″582 Lbs3750 Lbs/1150 Lbs7400 Lbs25-Year Warranty
36-W-244-L14-Gauge36″24″75″366 Lbs4750 Lbs/1150 Lbs0N/A25-Year Warranty
36-W-24512-Gauge36″24″78″501 Lbs5750 Lbs/1150 Lbs0N/A99-Year Warranty
36-WR-24112-Gauge36″24″78″421 Lbs11900 Lbs0N/A99-Year Warranty
36-WR-241-L14-Gauge36″24″75″298 Lbs11900 Lbs0N/A25-Year Warranty
45-DS-24612-Gauge48″24″66″547 Lbs6750 Lbs0N/A99-Year Warranty
46-243-6-5DB-L14-Gauge48″24″75″746 Lbs31200 Lbs6400Lbs25-Year Warranty
46-243-L14-Gauge48″24″75″402 Lbs31200 Lbs0N/A25-Year Warranty
46-243-P18-Gauge48″24″72″292 Lbs31000 Lbs0N/A10-Year Warranty
46-24412-Gauge48″24″78″573 Lbs41500 Lbs0N/A99-Year Warranty
46-244-L46-244-L14-Gauge48″24″75″428 Lbs41200 Lbs0N/A25-Year Warranty
46-BC-243-L14-Gauge48″24″75″419 Lbs3700 Lbs0N/A25-Year Warranty
46-DS-246-L14-Gauge48″24″75″409 Lbs6600 Lbs0N/A25-Year Warranty
46-DS-24812-Gauge48″24″78″642 Lbs8750 Lbs0N/A99-Year Warranty
46-W-243-7DB-L14-Gauge48″24″75″683 Lbs3500 Lbs/700 Lbs7400 Lbs25-Year Warranty
46-W-244-L14-Gauge48″24″75″433 Lbs4500 Lbs/700 Lbs0N/A25-Year Warranty
46-W-24512-Gauge48″24″78″594 Lbs5500 Lbs/700 Lbs0N/A99-Year Warranty
46-WR-24112-Gauge48″24″78″500 Lbs11200 Lbs0N/A99-Year Warranty
46-WR-241-L14-Gauge48″24″75″355 Lbs11200 Lbs0N/A25-Year Warranty
55-DS-24612-Gauge60″24″66″630 Lbs6975 Lbs0N/A99-Year Warranty
56-243-6-5DB-L14-Gauge60″24″75″874 Lbs31650 Lbs6400 Lbs25-Year Warranty
56-243-L14-Gauge60″24″75″501 Lbs31650 Lbs0N/A25-Year Warranty
56-24412-Gauge60″24″78″699 Lbs41950 Lbs0N/A99-Year Warranty
56-244-L14-Gauge60″24″75″534 Lbs41650 Lbs0N/A25-Year Warranty
56-BC-243-L14-Gauge60″24″75″474 Lbs3975 Lbs0N/A25-Year Warranty
56-DS-246-L14-Gauge60″24″75″479 Lbs6825 Lbs0N/A25-Warranty
56-DS-24856-DS-24812-Gauge60″24″78″740 Lbs8975 Lbs0N/A99-Year Warranty
56-W-243-7DB-L14-Gauge60″24″75″818 Lbs3675 Lbs/975 Lbs7400 Lbs25-Year Warranty
56-W-244-L14-Gauge60″24″75″502 Lbs4675 Lbs/975 Lbs0N/A25-Year Warranty
56-W-24512-Gauge60″24″78″687 Lbs5675 Lbs/975 Lbs0N/A99-Year Warranty
56-WR-24112-Gauge60″24″78″589 Lbs11650 Lbs0N/A99-Year Warranty
56-WR-241-L14-Gauge60″24″75″424 Lbs11650 Lbs0N/A25-Year Warranty
66-24412-Gauge72″24″78″856 Lbs41850 Lbs0N/A99-Year Warranty
66-DS-24812-Gauge72″24″78″838 Lbs8925 Lbs0N/A99-Year Warranty


Industrial cabinets are commonly used in manufacturing facilities, material handling facilities, laboratories, storage facilities, automotive and mechanical workshops, warehouses and other industries that require secure and efficient storage solutions. Overall, industrial cabinets offer a cost-effective and efficient way to store and organize commercial storage equipment, tools, and supplies in a wide range of industries and applications.

Features and Benefits

Industrial cabinets are a fantastic storage option and are designed to offer superior protection and strength. The high-quality construction uses gauged steel, a material that provides exceptional durability and resistance to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Additionally, the cabinets feature a reinforced locking mechanism that provides enhanced security, ensuring that valuable and hazardous materials are kept secure. The reinforced doors and hinges strengthen the cabinets, providing added protection against unauthorized access or break-ins, making them an ideal storage solution for industrial settings where safety and security are the priority.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Heavy-Duty Industrial Cabinet

Barron Equipment carries a variety of Industrial Cabinets. When it comes to choosing the right cabinet for your company, it’s important to consider the factors. How will the cabinet be used? Will it be used to store personal protective equipment, uniforms or janitorial supplies? If so, a lighter duty cabinet containing shelving units would be beneficial. If the cabinet will contain chemicals or corrosive materials, a flammable cabinet would be a good option. Barron also carries cabinets for specific uses like computer cabinets and job site storage. As for cabinets that are specific to heavy duty industrial, size and type of use will be the most important factors when choosing the correct cabinet.


To maintain the functionality and security of an industrial cabinet, it’s essential to follow a few simple maintenance steps. Firstly, regularly wipe down the exterior and interior of the cabinet with a damp cloth to remove dirt, dust, and other debris. If necessary, use a mild soap solution, but avoid abrasive cleaners that could damage the finish. Secondly, lubricate the cabinet’s locking mechanism, hinges, and other moving parts regularly to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation. Thirdly, periodically inspect the cabinet for signs of wear and tear, such as dents, scratches, or corrosion, and address any issues promptly to prevent further damage. Lastly, if your cabinet has adjustable shelves, periodically adjust them to accommodate changes in the size and quantity of the items you are storing.

Selection Assistance

At Barron Equipment, our product specialists are available to help you make the best decision when selecting the best industrial cabinet for your specific application. If you need assistance, simply fill out the form below, and one of our product specialists will contact you shortly.

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