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Very High Bond Tape

How it Works to Waterproof a Door

High strength weather seal tape from Barron Equipment Company is a great choice for waterproof patching of small leaks, or the installation of other waterproof seals we sell. The acrylic foam tapes can be used to seal the door jambs to prevent extreme temperatures from creeping into the indoor space. These tapes still stay tacky even when wet, so they will not detach from an object when encountering water.

Types of Tape

Choosing the Right Tape

Barron Equipment carries a couple of different varieties of tape, both of which work well in industrial applications. These tapes can work well on smooth surfaces, as well as irregular surfaces. Very High Bond foam tape can actually be used in place of mechanical fasteners and is commonly used on body-side moldings in the automotive industry. 3M VHB Tape is a double sided tape and has the tensile strength of screw rivets and other fasteners. It can adhere to a wide variety of of surfaces, such as metal, glass, plastics and painted and power coated surfaces, creating a nearly permanent bond.

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