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Laminated Loading Dock Bumpers

Advantages of Laminated Bumpers

Laminated Dock Bumpers are ideal for protecting against damage to loading docks on the outside of a building and work well for light to medium traffic. These rubber dock bumpers are able to absorb 80% of impact force,  protecting your building, loading dock and trucks. The fabric enforced rubber on the dock bumpers with pads that are laminated are the most popular dock bumper option on the market.

Applications & Usage

As mentioned above, laminated dock bumpers are ideal for applications that require low to medium traffic at loading docks, typically in factories or warehouses. In addition to being placed on either side of the dock opening, these bumpers can also be used as rub rails on the sides of truck wells, as well as wall protection to absorb forklift impacts.


Laminated Dock Bumpers are overall pretty easy to install. Our team of service technicians specializes in service and installation of all types of truck and loading dock equipment, including bumpers. Fill out the form below to request a quote on dock bumpers and installation.

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