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Loading Dock Lifts

Advantages of a Lift System

Loading dock lift systems eliminate the danger and space requirements associated with a ramp and they improve safety by eliminating manual handling of freight from the truck bed height to the ground. Dock lifts, which are essentially scissor lifts used specifically for loading docks, could be installed either permanently or can be used portably with mobile dock lifts depending on the application.

Pad Mounted Lifts

Pad mounted lifts are dock lifts that are stationed above the ground, therefore avoid the cost of pit work, as well as potential drainage issues and/or interference problems with underground utilities. Some models of dock lifts also cannot be installed into a pit due to not meeting required structural regulations. Those dock lifts are best installed above ground.

Pit Mounted Lifts

With dock lifts embedded into a pit, the equipment is mounted flush with surrounding surfaces, allowing for less obstacles to drive-over traffic. Another advantage of pit mounted lifts are that they offer level loading at both ground level, as well as truck height.

Mobile Lifts

The functionality of mobile lifts are in the title of the name. By having dock lifts mobile, companies are able to experience a wide range of benefits. These include: less vehicle congestion, higher product movement rates, as well as more efficient energy consumption.

Choosing the Right Lift System

At Barron Equipment, we have a variety of dock lifts to suit the needs of any company and carry the top rated products in the material handling equipment industry. When it comes to choosing between pad mounted vs. pit mounted lifts, many of our products can be mounted either way and often times, it depends on the specific application. Need help determining what lift system is best for you? Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and a product specialist will be in touch soon!


Our team of experienced installers are happy to help install any kind of truck and loading dock equipment, including dock lifts. Fill out the form below to learn more.

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