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Loading Dock Bollards

Bollards in front of loading dock door

Choosing the right bollard set up

Bollards can be used both internally and externally. In relation to loading docks specifically, bollards are more used to protect the dock door than anything. They could also be used to protect dock lifts. You will find bollards on either side of the dock opening often inside and outside as an extra layer of protection. When it comes to bollard spacing, it is typically best to put the bollards in front of the door tracks to protect the tracks. But a product specialist would help determine the proper spacing for a bollard set up.

Bollard Features

Some bollards include a base plate for easy bollard installation, as well as a powder coat to help prevent corrosion. Other bollards are buried into the ground to provide a more heavy duty installment. Bollards are obtainable in many different sizes and colors and covers are available as well.


Bollards are relatively easy to install, but some types of bollards require concrete work. Our team of installation specialists are available to help install bollards or any other truck and loading dock equipment. Fill out the form below for more information.

Truck & Loading Dock Information Request

Truck & Loading Dock Information Request