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Dock Seals and Shelters

Dock Seals and Shelters

What is the difference?

Both dock seals and shelters from Barron Equipment have seal features that provide energy efficiency while loading and unloading trailers. The main difference between the two, are that dock shelters stick out a little further and contact the end of the truck, increasing thermal insulation and climate control. Dock shelters are better for protecting personnel and products from inclement weather conditions, while dock seals feature a head pad and side pads that help provide some environmental control and keep loading docks safe from potential damage. 

Features & Benefits

Dock seals and shelters save companies thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs each year, as well as protect equipment from damage like dust, dirt, rain, critters, bugs, etc. Dock seals provide a tight seal around the perimeter of the opening, allowing for increased energy efficiency and protecting docks from damage from incoming trailers. Dock shelter technology has improved over the past few years and now provides a tighter seal than previously and the head curtain allows trailers to be protected during loading and unloading.


Our team of service technicians at Barron Equipment have been installing dock seals and shelters for over 43 years. Our experts can replace old seals and shelters with brand new ones, or install new ones to an opening that has not previously had dock seals or shelters.

Service & Repair

Along with installation, our team is also very experienced with repairing all types of dock equipment. It’s not uncommon for dock seals to need to be reattached to a building, or dock shelters to be rehung. We can do all of the above!

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