3530 Series Straight Roller Conveyor

3530 – Straight Roller Conveyor with 3.50″ Diameter, .300 wall Rollers

3.5" Diameter, .300 Wall Gravity Roller Conveyors are ideal for applications that require an economical, non-powered means for conveying material. This heavy duty conveyor is used for handling full pallets, drums, and containers. The 3-1/2" o.d. x .300 wall, high capacity rollers, and standard structural channel frames, are suitable for heavy loads, and the most abusive industrial applications around.

3530 Series Straight Roller Conveyor



LENGTH: 18" - 120"

ROLLER CENTERS: 4", 6", 8", 12", 24"

ROLLERS: 3.5" dia., .300" wall tubes with 1" hex cold rolled steel axles, cotter pin
retained. Standard A80 bearings are grease lubricated. Double Shielded. 2000 lbs
roller capacity.

FRAMES: Standard F95 set high 5@6.7# structural steel channel with welded 2" x
1/4" angle crossties.

ROLLER SURFACE: Optional Orange Polyurethane, 1/8” wall.

COUPLINGS: Welded 1/4" plate butt couplers standard on both ends of channel.

FRAME FINISH: Standard finish is OSHA safety blue powder. Optional colors
include green, beige, gray, orange, black and yellow.

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