BCE-1-36 1 Motor Insect Control Air Curtain

42 Inch Air Curtain – Stainless Steel

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42 Inch Wide Insect Control Air Curtain – Fits Openings up to 84 Inches High


42″ Stainless Steel Air Curtain


The Powered Aire BCE 42-inch Air Curtain from Barron Equipment is a versatile solution for preventing the infiltration of outside air, insects, dust, and debris. It also enhances the efficiency and energy savings of a building's HVAC system. This stainless-steel unit can be installed indoors to maximize climate control or outdoors to prevent flying insects from passing through an open door.

The BCE is contains heavy-duty ¾ HP motors, galvanized fans and a stylistic case for optimum performance and aesthetics. Additionally, the BCE is approved by the USDA, FDA and AIB as a method of insect control. Commercial and industrial doorways up to 12’ Wide and 10’ high are ideal for this unit.

Features and Benefits

Powered Aire manufactures the BCE 42-Inch Air Curtain from 18 gauge 304 stainless steel. The unit features heavy-duty 3/4 horsepower motors, each operating at 1630 rpm and 50/60 cycle. It contains galvanized fans with a perforated stainless steel intake screen with mill grain finish.

Users can remove the motor/blower plate of the unit as one piece. Electrical connections can be made from the top or sides of the unit for versatile installation. The factory sets the directional air foil vane to facilitate deflection of air at +/- 20 degrees for optimal air barrier performance.

A commercial air curtain prevents dust, debris and flying pests from entering facilities where cleanliness is crucial. They create a physical barrier with air to keep the outside out while making passing through doorways easy and hands-free. Air doors also provide flying insect control and prevent particulate matter from dirtying operations space.

The air curtain door also reduces the exchange of indoor and outdoor air, thus reducing the loss of conditioned air from inside. It improves the energy efficiency of building operations. Similarly, this helps maintain consistent indoor temperatures and prevents drafts to ensure occupant comfort.

Like a Berner air curtain or Mars air curtain, USDA, FDA, and AID approve all BCE and BCT units for insect control.


Commercial door air curtains are beneficial to any industry that needs to maintain a consistent temperature for inside operations while providing easy navigability to help save energy. These units are ideal for larger commercial doorways and entries with high traffic. Common applications include:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Food manufacturing
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Healthcare loading and unloading
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Agricultural facilities and greenhouses
  • Large commercial buildings and shopping centers
  • Food service and hospitality


To maintain the longevity of your air curtain, regular cleanings and checks should be done quarterly (every 3 months).

First, preform periodic checks of the unit's stainless steel body, and note any scratching or denting. Large dents can be an indicator of potential damage to the internal mechanism within the system and, if present, should be checked.

Do consistent checks of the unit to ensure that all motors are spinning. Commercial units like the BCE and BCT have single phase motors that are permanently lubricated and do not need to be greased regularly.

Next, clean the air curtain grill and re-cleanable filter (if included). Simply remove the grille and flush with hot water or steam, and let dry completely before reinserting back into the unit. Do this more regularly if the environment the system is operating in has consistently high particular matter.

Similarly, make sure that the holes in the grille of the unit are free from obstruction so the blowers can get enough air to function properly.

During routine maintenance, make sure that the discharge vanes are adjusted properly. Vanes come preset from the factory for optimal air flow direction, and will not need to be readjusted in most cases. However, in extreme settings, vanes can be adjusted to counteract environmental factors. For directions to adjust discharge steering vanes and troubleshooting units, see the air curtain owner's manuals.

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Product Specification


120/1, 208/1, 240/1


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