Acoustic Foams - Flat, Dimpled, and Thermal

Acoustic Foams


Our Acoustic Foams provide excellent noise absorption in the mid-to-high frequency noise range. These foams can be used to line machine or equipment surfaces, guards, enclosures, walls, and doors to absorb noise from industrial operations. Acoustic foams can have flat or convoluted, cone-shaped surfaces. Convoluted foams offer four (4) times the surface than flat foams. Convoluted foams redirect sound waves into the foam where the sound is converted to energy and absorbed.

Our foam is easy to cut to the size needed and can be fastened to most surfaces with a water-based adhesive. Our foams have good structural integrity and require little mechanical support. We offer:

  • Standard Acoustic Foam (SAF), an open-celled polyurethane flat foam. Charcoal colored, it is effective for mid-to-high frequency noise absorption. Sold in rolls.
  • Aluminized Mylar Foam (AMF), an SAF laminated with 1 mil aluminized Mylar facing. The easy-to-clean facing reflects light and heat and protects the foam from dirt, dust, and grease.  Sold in rolls.
  • Convoluted Foam, a polyurethane foam that offers superior sound absorption. Sold in sheets, 4 to a box.
Aluminized Foams

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  • Aluminized Foams

Product Description

Aluminized Mylar Foam (AMF) is identical to SAF, except that a wipe-clean 1 mil aluminized Mylar facing has been flame-laminated to one side. The facing reflects light, and heat, and keeps dirt, dust and grease from blocking the absorptive surface of the foam.

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