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Airfloat Air Casters have a reputation for quality. These air casters utilize a 100% urethane diaphragm with superior wear resistance. Urethane casters outperform and outlast neoprene or urethane-coated fabrics used by other manufacturers.

Under certain unfavorable conditions, an air caster will temporarily lose its lubricating air film. When this occurs, the highly elastic Airfloat air casters will normally stretch and not retain any permanent damage. A fabric-reinforced diaphragm cannot stretch and will normally tear if the air bearing continues to move without its air film.

Airfloat’s air caster diaphragms are constructed of smooth textured, completely homogeneous material. When pressurized the diaphragm will stretch uniformly and closely follow the contours of the floor, maintaining a consistent air film. This is evident with lower drag forces and less air consumption than that produced by fabric-reinforced diaphragms. Since the air film that air caster ride on is very thin, even bumps produced by the weave of the fabric will allow the material to stretch, producing a non-uniform air film thickness around the air caster footprint. Accordingly, higher drag forces can result.

In addition, when an air caster temporarily loses its air film at the leading edge, there is great stress trying to tear and roll the diaphragm off the backing plate. Airfloat utilizes an extremely strong mechanical-rolled steel head for diaphragm attachment. Other manufacturers depend on staples or adhesive bonding methods.

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