AS 1 Conveyor

Automation Series Conveyors

The increased demand on U.S. manufacturers to reduce costs and improve productivity has pushed automation in production facilities, creating a demand for flexible, reliable, and lower cost machinery, including conveyors. New London Engineering’s Automation Series is engineered for high-speed and highly automated assembly lines, automation cells, and packaging lines.

Unique features of our Automation Series conveyors

• Accessories can be easily mounted and moved anywhere along the conveyor
• Single point belt tensioning system reduces downtime and maintenance costs
• The largest and longest lasting automation bearings in the industry
• Large crowned face pulleys can be tracked easier and carry heavier loads at faster speeds than smaller diameter pulleys
• The combination of both steel and aluminum keeps prices low and provides durability
• The only automation conveyors on the market with 100% accessibility to the T-slots
• The rack and pinion take up system provides a fast, accurate, and easy belt tensioning and belt replacement system

The standard duty Automation Series conveyor is primarily used in applications where the need to mount sensors and controls is mandatory, along with the ability to make changes. Typically used in the packaging and robotics integration industries for a wide variety of parts and packages.

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