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  • As the country is becoming more and more "Green," bicycles are no longer just for pleasure and exercise, they are becoming a major means of transportation in large cities. Many condominium and apartment buildings are currently trying to accommodate residents with a place to store their bicycles. The bicycle storage issues become exponentially more complex in high rise buildings where it is a major inconvenience to lug your bike up flights of stairs or into the elevator to your home.
  • Where space is limited in a basement or ground floor area, the Bike Stacker multiple bicycle storage rack allows you to store a lot of bikes in a small area.
  • WireCrafters Bike Stacker multiple bicycle storage rack is an efficient way to store multiple bikes in condominiums, apartment buildings, and multi-family dwellings. The Bike Stacker storage rack comes in different sizes that store between 8 and 14 bikes simultaneously. Our double-tiered rack design allows the storage of more bikes in a smaller space; which is extremely important in larger cities where storage space is at a premium.
  • The Bike Stacker bicycle storage rack is made of heavy 16 and 14 gauge steel, and 1/8" thick steel angle. The staggered, formed bike trays hold any style bike upright and in position, while providing added clearance between stored bikes to prevent damage. The tire trays have an exclusive tear drop tire slot (patent pending) that holds road, racing and mountain bikes in place, while the unique positioning makes adjusting the tray spacing a snap. The bikes, once stored, are secured by locking bike to the steel tray. Optional stop pins are available to store bicycles forward in the tray if the bike is of unusual size or tire width.
  • The Bike Stacker is ideal for residential, institutional and commercial bicycle storage. The Bike Stacker storage rack can be installed using standard hand tools, or alternatively we also offer a complete installation service nationwide.

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