Pneumatic Lift Table EZ UP

Bishamon EZ UP


About the EZ UP

Are you looking for a safe and reliable pneumatic lift table for your workplace? The EZ UP series from Bishamon is the perfect solution! All of the EZ UP units have a lift capacity of up to 1,700 lbs. and are made to provide powered lift equipment to areas without a power source.

The EZ UP Pneumatic Lift Tables have a clean, streamlined design that reduces the risk of injury, worker fatigue or damaged products.They can be integrated seamlessly in a variety of environments, including clean rooms, paint stations and food processing facilities.

Optional accessories are also available for additional functionality.

EZ UP lifts from Bishamon come in three different models:

EZU-15, EZU-15-R, EZU-15-R-SS

EZ UP Specification Drawing - Model EZU-15

Bishamon EZ-UP Figure 15.1
Bishamon EZ-UP Figure 15.2
Bishamon EZ-UP Figure 15.3

EZ UP Specification Drawing - Models EZU-15-R & EZU-15-R-SS

EZU 15R Top View
EZU 15R Side View
EZU 15R Front View

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