Mesh Side Seal Doors

Bug Blocker Mesh Side Seal Door

Bug Blocker Door mesh and/or vinyl screen door that opens and closes from the side as opposed to overhead.

This Bug Blocking Mesh Door from Barron Equipment is the most economical solution to blocking pests and allowing fresh air into your facility. These mesh screen doors provide a 65% shade factor and keep the temperature down and lower energy costs!

Bug Blocker doors also improve ventilation and help meet food safety FDA requirements.

Bug Blocking Side Seal Door
Bug Blocker Mesh Side Seal Door

Features & Benefits

Features of Bug Blocking Side Seal Doors Include:

  • Heavy 11 oz pre-coated woven vinyl coated mesh polyester screen.
  • Resistant to all ultraviolet rays and is rot, tear and mildew resistant.
  • 17 X 11 polyester scrim provides small openings difficult for insects to penetrate.
  • Shade screen factor improvement to 65% helps to keep non air conditioned plant space cooler longer.
  • 18 oz vinyl is used on the leading-edge, valance and floor sweep to improve wear and durability.
  • The valance mounts to the building rather than to the curtain track, improving stability and a more rigid mount.
  • A full length Fiberglass tube stiffens the leading edge of the curtain to ensure sealing of the curtain to the door jamb.
  • The mesh curtain permanently attaches to one side of the doors vertical edge and closes to the opposite side.
  • Top valance panels, and bottom floor sweep form a complete seal to provide near total protection from insects.
  • Pliable Hem on Leading Edge assures a good seal to jam
  • Glides side-to-side on easy to install track and dual wheeled trolley roller system.

Bug Blocking Side Seal Door Benefits Include:

  • 65% Shade factor-helps keep the facility cooler longer
  • Significantly reduces heat from sun while allowing light into work areas
  • Keeps out unwanted pests, birds and intruders
  • Improves security
  • Five-year warranty
  • Lifetime warranty on all mounting hardware
  • Improves building appearance
  • Allows fresh air to flow through for comfort and productivity
  • Draw screen into use when needed; glides out of the way when not
  • Standard sizes fit most door openings


The Bug Blocker Mesh Side Seal Doors is perfect for applications such as:

  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Loading Docks
  • Waste Areas
  • Food Processing & Packaging Plants
  • Process Areas
  • Barns and Warehouses
  • Garages
side seal mesh bug blocker


These Side Seal Doors include mounting hardware, a stainless steel wall bracket with a key hold slot to fasten curtains to jam to create a secure close and a center cam lock.

A variety of vinyl colors are available as well as mesh colors.

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