BugBlocker Overhead Screen Door

Is hot weather forcing you to keep the dock doors open? Are your open loading dock doors inviting in every bug, bird, rodent and passing stranger? Is the loss of your valuable inventory and your employee safety a concern? Cool down your factory and keep the bugs and bad guys out! Award-winning Bug Blocker overhead screen doors provide the solution. Stainless Steel mesh screen doors are at the forefront of Food Safety and Food Defense programs. These doors not only comply with but exceed regulations for FSMA, GFSI, USDA, FDA, BRC, SFQ, HACCP, AIB, and work along with your Current Good Manufacturing Practices

Working with a USDA laboratory along with industry leaders we designed a custom made stainless steel bug screen door that provides a complete seal in your loading dock opening. It retrofits into your current door. Keep your existing door -- just add an overhead screen door.

Bug Blocker Provides Overhead Screen Doors to a Range of Industries

Some examples of the types of customers that rely on Barron Equipment Company Bug Blocker's commitment to quality include:

  • Food and beverage processors
  • Packaging manufacturers
  • Military facilities
  • Airports
  • Distribution warehouses
  • High security locations
Bug Blocker Overhead Screen Door inside view

No mass production here; our craftsman's motto is "Doors of Excellence" and it shows. Many of our first insect screen doors are still in use today proving the long-lasting value of steel. Additional benefits of Bug Blocker overhead screen doors include:

  • Keeping birds, insects and rodents out
  • Happy inspectors
  • Inventory control
  • Helping prevent falls
  • Improved employee security and protection from unwanted visitors who walk in open dock doors

Overhead screen doors are an efficient solution for securityventilation, and pest control

Smooth operating, our sectional steel screen mesh bug doors glide up and out of the way just like your solid door but can lower (automatically or manually) when the truck leaves. A Bug Blocker overhead screen door is a natural, non-chemical pest control barrier method. Helping you ventilate your loading dock area with outside air helps minimize odors, fumes and vapors in your product storage and processing areas while denying entry to pests. Our most popular ventilating door screen solutions are the #12 or #30 mesh screen.

AIB, USDA, FDA and GFSI regulations state:

  1. Windows and doors that must be kept open for ventilation are screened to prevent pest entry.
  2. The building has barriers in place to protect against birds, rodents, insects and other pests.
  3. Metal or metal clad doors to the extent possible utilized on entrances to facility
  4. Securing doors and access restricted to authorized individuals

Federal mandates require ALL federally owned buildings must be secured including dock doors.

Overhead Screen Door Features

  • Commercial grade hardware
  • Strong stainless steel wire mesh that meets Federal Specifications for a range of industries
    • STD A-A_1037B
      • .023" 12x12 mesh - Security and pest control doors
      • .011” 30x30 mesh - Food applications with rice, grain or flour
  • Innovative switch design allows The Bug Blocker® Overhead Screen Door to be used in conjunction with the existing overhead door track system
  • Slide lock is included
  • Torsion spring kit included
  • Aluminum outer frame construction
  • Widths up to 24’9” (larger is possible with your engineer’s specs)

Overhead Screen Door Options

  • Dual track installations
  • Strutting
  • Powder coating
  • Motor Operated
  • Custom sizes

Overhead Screen Door Models

  • Vertical Lift
  • High Lift
  • standard Lift
  • Behind Rolling
  • Side Sliding
  • Fixed in the Opening

For overhead pest control door quotes, please call Barron Equipment Company at (800)397-6690.