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Cafeteria Trays


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Cafeteria Trays – MFG Tray

  • Lasts Longer than plastic
  • Reinforced edges for extra strength and added stability
  • Smooth, sanitary surface
  • Stacking lugs to promote drying and rigid stacking
  • Ideal for all food serving facilities
  • Easily cleaned in any standard or commercial washer
  • NSF Listed
  • Compartment trays available
  • Metric tray sizes available

Compartment Cafeteria Trays – MFG Tray

  • Available in 5 or 6 compartments
  • NSF Listed

MFG Tray cafeteria trays, compartment trays and metric trays are available in various options to fit your operation’s needs.  These trays feature reinforced edges for added strength and stability, and stacking lugs to promote drying and rigid stacking. Cafeteria trays have smooth, non-porous surfaces and may be easily cleaned in standard or commercial washers. Composite construction ensures years of dependable service.  MFG Tray cafeteria trays are available in rectangular and trapezoid configurations and are offered in the same colors as the Supreme Display Trays. MFG Tray compartment cafeteria trays are available in five- and six compartment trays and are also available as a hot/cold model for use with food cart systems, and are offered in the same colors as the Market Trays. MFG Traymetric tray  sizes are also offered to meet international specifications.

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