CR 5L D22 REC14 03 Slate
CR 5L D22 REC14 03 Slate CanyonRidge D12 ARCH1 02 CanyonRidge D13 REC13 LE Dark 01 CR UG D21 SQ24 Slate Iowa Granger 135

Faux Wood Insulated Carriage Garage Doors

  • Clopay’s Canyon Ridge® Carriage House (5-Layer) Garage Door.
  • Adds Character and Charm to Your Home.
  • Authentic Swing-Out Coach House Door Look.
  • Upward Operation for Modern Functionality.
  • Quiet Operation and Long-Lasting Energy Efficiency.


  • 5-layer steel carriage house garage doors with faux wood overlay.
  • 2″ Intellicore® polyurethane insulation with a thermal break. This garage door has a 20.4 R-value.
  • Features Clopay’s patented Safe-T-Bracket ® safety feature.
  • WINDCODE® reinforcement product available for high wind load applications.


  • The cladding and overlay materials are molded from actual wood pieces to reproduce the natural texture and intricate grain patterns of the species they emulate.
  • Available composite cladding materials are Clear Cypress, Mahogany and Pecky Cypress. Available composite overlay materials are Clear Cypress and Mahogany.
  • Many glass options, including clear, seeded, rain, obscure, frosted and insulated.
  • Attractive beveled edge clip-in window grilles are removable for easy cleaning.
  • Five factory finish color options available, including Walnut, White Wash and more.
  • Comes complete with spade lift handles and step plates. Additional decorative hardware options available.

Door Design Options

Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Design 01                      Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Design 11                      Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Design 12
DESIGN 01                                                      DESIGN 11                                                    DESIGN 12

Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Design 13 DESIGN 13


Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Design 21                        Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Design 22                         Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Design 23 DESIGN 21                                                      DESIGN 22                                                       DESIGN 23


Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Design 31                         Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Design 32                         Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Design 33 DESIGN 31                                                      DESIGN 32                                                     DESIGN 33

Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Design 34                         Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Design 35                         Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Design 36 DESIGN 34                                                       DESIGN 35                                                    DESIGN 36

Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Design 37                         Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Design 38 DESIGN 37                                                      DESIGN 38

Top Section Options


canyon ridge limited edition top 11                          canyon ridge top 12 TOP11                                                                                            TOP12

canyon ridge limited edition top13                          canyon ridge arch 1 solid TOP13                                                                                           ARCH1


canyon ridge limited edition REC11                          canyon ridge limited edition REC13 REC11                                                                                            REC13

canyon ridge limited edition REC14                          canyon ridge limited edition SQ23 REC14                                                                                           SQ23

canyon ridge limited edition sq24                          canyon ridge limited edition arch1 SQ24                                                                                             ARCH1

canyon ridge limited edition arch3                          canyon ridge limited edition arch4 ARCH3                                                                                         ARCH4

Canyon Ridge Limited Edition ARCH13                         Canyon Ridge Limited Edition ARCH14 ARCH13                                                                                        ARCH14


CrARC1ASolid-DF-CC-Dbl ARC1A - SOLID (Double Door)

CrARC1AWindow-DF-CC-Dbl ARC1A - WINDOW (Double Door)

CrARC3A-DF-CC-Dbl ARC3A - WINDOWS (Double Door)

CrARC4A-DF-CC-Dbl ARC4A - WINDOWS (Double Door)

Canyon Ridge Limited Edition ARC13A ARC13A - WINDOWS (DOUBLE DOOR)

Canyon Ridge Limited Edition ARC14A ARC14A - WINDOWS (DOUBLE DOOR)

Specialty Glass Options

seeded                      rain
SEEDED                                                           RAIN

forsted                      obscure FROSTED                                                       OBSCURE

Material Options

Clear-Cypress                           Mahogany                      Pecky-Cypress

                Clear Cypress                                                     Mahogany                                                       Pecky Cypress
*Composite Cladding and Overlay material options may be mixed and matched.

Color Options

Garage door color option showcasing a dark wood finish, presenting a rich appearance with deep, elegant tones for a timeless and refined aesthetic.
Walnut Finish
Garage door color option showcasing a walnut finish, featuring the warm and rich tones of natural walnut wood for a timeless and elegant aesthetic.

Dark Finish

Garage door color option showcasing an ultra-grain cypress medium finish, blending textured wood patterns with a versatile and medium-toned aesthetic.

Medium Finish

Garage door color option showcasing an ultra-grain cypress slate finish, combining textured wood aesthetics with a slate hue.

Slate Finish

Garage door color option showcasing a white finish, providing a classic and versatile look for a clean and timeless aesthetic.

White Wash*

Garage door color option showcasing a primed finish, providing a blank canvas for customization before final paint application.


*Available on select models

Hardware Design Options

spade lift handles                SPEAR LIFT HANDLES              colonial lift handles
SPADE LIFT HANDLES                            SPEAR LIFT HANDLES                COLONIAL LIFT HANDLES (included)

ring door knockers                  ESCUTCHEON PLATE(S)              twisted L handles with keys

RING DOOR KNOCKERS                          ESCUTCHEON PLATE(S)                 TWISTED "L" HANDLES

spade strap hinge                    spear strap hinge                   colonial strap hinge

 SPADE STRAP HINGE                             SPEAR STRAP HINGE                          COLONIAL STRAP HINGE

Spade Step Plate                      Spear Step Plate

        SPADE STEP PLATE                                 SPEAR STEP PLATE (included)



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