Cart Track Carton Flow

Cart-Trak Carton Flow


Cart Trak Carton Flow

Durable, Efficient Full-Width Roller Carton Flow

Cart-Trak’s full-width roller carton flow is a heavy-duty, abuse-resistant system providing full carton coverage and superior flow for consistent carton or tote sizes.

Cart-Trak is available in standard form and upgraded Cart-Trak with bearing rollers. The bearings offer several benefits over standard bushings including:

  • Maximized Vertical Space – Less pitch frees up vertical space to accommodate more levels
  • Cost Savings – Bearing rollers can often be spaced further apart saving on overall system costs
  • Increased Efficiency – Smooth, consistent and faster with fewer hang-ups

The bearings design improves momentum so that carton flow pitch can be reduced thus freeing up vertical space. In addition, the amplified flow means that less carton/roller friction is needed and therefore many applications can go from a 2” center to a 3”, or from a 3” center to a 5”, etc. Fewer rollers means less overall cost. Lastly, as with all carton flow, the better the flow the fewer the hang ups and this carton flow design certainly delivers.

  • 6″, 9″, 12″ and 16″: widths
  • 1″ 2″, or 3 roller centers
  • Galvanized steel rollers
  • Internal or external pick trays
  • Slow down plates at discharge ends


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