Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor 5.0

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor 5.0

CDLR 5.0 (Extra Heavy Duty)

  • Side Mount Drive
  • 5 inch diameter x 3/4 inch wall rollers
  • Reversible with speeds ranging from 5 - 150 FPM fixed or variable speed
  • Effective Widths from 5 " - 120" in any increment
  • Lengths from 1 ft. thru 12 ft.


Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor 5.0


7 in. x 9.8# or 8 in. x 11.5# or 10 x 15.3# structural channel with welded cross members. Optional structural angle available on one side for rollers high. Welded in butt couplers allow sections to be bolted together.

Drive Chain
No. 60, 80 or 100 chain dependent upon chain pull requirements.

Chain Guard
Formed steel upper and lower. Lower portion welded to bottom of frame; upper portion bolted to top of side frame to totally enclose drive chains.

5 in. diameter x 3/4 in. wall steel tubing with (2) Type A sprockets welded to tube. Sealed precision bearings. Capacity per roller = 7836 lbs.

1 11/16 in. round axle retained by keeper bar and pin.

Optional Axles
1 7/16 in. round axle with sealed precision bearings.

1/4 HP through 7 1/2 HP - 230/460V- 3 phase 60Hz., totally enclosed, fan cooled, "C" face mount.

Speed Reducer
Sealed worm gear "C" face speed reducer

Electrical Controls (Optional)
Reversing or nonreversible motor starter mounted and wired or shipped loose. Additional control devices available.

Not to exceed frame and total roller capacity.

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