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Chester Zephyr Army Type Geared Trolley Hand Chain Hoist


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The Chester Zephyr Army Type Geared Trolley Hoist consists of the standard Zephyr Hoist mechanism for heavy duty strength and an integral trolley which minimizes headroom when compared to a hoist suspended from a standard trolley.Additional features and benefits include:

  • The 1/2 through 2 ton units have a special load bar with swiveling, two wheeled, precision bearing trolleys
  • Available in plain or hand geared models and are adjustable for various beam sizes
  • The swivel trolleys are ideal for negotiating curves
  • The 3 through 10 ton units have integral four wheeled rigid trolleys with Timken roller bearings and heavy steel side plates and can be adjusted to fit a variety of beam sizes

  • The compact design and short wheelbase make these units ideal for close quarters and curved tracks
  • All Zephyr Army Type Hoists are available for wide flange beams, patented tracks, standard I-beams and fabricated or international beams
  • Fabricated in accordance with ANSI B-30.16 and HMI 200.


  • Track clamps
  • Load limiters
  • Trolley bumpers and drop stops
  • Chain containers
  • Spark and corrosion resistance construction

Product image above may show optional features and accessories not included on standard models. Consult with a sales rep or with the product catalog for more information.

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