Cookson Rolling Fire Door

Cookson Rolling Fire Door

Cookson rolling fire doors are the solution for building owners and designers offering a high level of safety and fire protection to incorporate into your build.

UL Listed Roll Up Doors

Factory Mutual Approved and listed with the California O­ffice of the State Fire Marshall. UL listed for fire protection ratings of 3/4, 11/2, 3 and 4 hours of UL labeled fire protection.

Our fire rated garage doors are available in all the configuration you have come to expect from a Cookson roll up door and also in our Firemiser™  insulated rolling fire door version for energy savings when climate control and sound attenuation is a factor.

When a fire event happens, roll up fire doors stop smoke and fire from spreading.  Our fire rated doors protect lives and help save property.  Designed for fire rated openings, our overhead fire resistant doors provide security and access control in openings that are not part of means of egress.


Our fire resistant doors are also designed for daily use to provide security and access control, but are for use in openings that are not part of a required means of egress.  All roll up fire doors are custom manufactured to your specifications and designed to stop fire and smoke in it tracks.  We offer a complete line of fire labeled service and insulated fire rated garage doors for protection in wall openings where rated doors are necessary for safety, protection from loss of life or property, or are required by building codes or insurance purposes.

Automatic closing in the event of a fire - Our industry leading fire door systems offer intelligent operation that activate thermally or electronically to contain fire or smoke from spreading. Our AlarmGard ® fire closure system is the most advanced and intelligent fail-safe fire door closing system that will automatically close in response to an alarm signal, even in the event of a power failure. Automatically resets without human intervention, our fireproof steel doors can easily be reset or automatically opened after a fire event or power outage.  Cookson roll up fire proof doors safely close in the event of a fire with a controlled speed not to exceed 9-12” per second.


Interlocking roll formed slats of galvanized steel with GalvaNex
polyester enamel finish in Gray, Tan, White or Brown. Cast iron end
locks are riveted to the ends of alternate slats to maintain alignment
and prevent wear.

Double skin interlocking roll formed slats of galvanized steel, with
GalvaNex polyester enamel finish in Gray, Tan, White, or Brown
filled with mineral wool insulation. Flame spread and smoke
development index factors are zero as tested to ASTM E84. Cast iron
end lock/wind locks are riveted to the slats to maintain alignment,
lock curtain into guides and prevent wear

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