Large netting barrier for Sports Applications

Custom Sports Netting


A variety of custom netting options from Barron Equipment Company are available for many different sports including Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, and more. These nets can be custom ordered to suit your needs.

Netting Options:

  • Twine Size
  • Mesh Size
  • Mesh Thickness
  • Strength
  • Mesh Type

These nets are made of rugged, DuPontâ„¢ Type 66-728 Knotted Nylon Rope. This material is Black in color, Water-Repellent, available in Square or Diamond mesh, and features a 3/8" rope around the perimeter of the net. This product features a limited warranty.

Large netting barrier for Sports Applications
Often used for: Baseball, Hockey, general sporting use
Item No.Twine SizeMesh SizeMesh ThicknessStrengthMesh TypePrice
SN-DM-15-34#153/4"1.32mm125 lbs.Diamond$3.87/sq. ft.
SN-SQ-15-34#153/4"1.32mm125 lbs.Square$5.30/sq. ft.
SN-DM-36-134#361-3/4"2.16mm350 lbs.Diamond$4.41/sq. ft.
SN-SQ-36-134#361-3/4"2.16mm350 lbs.Square$5.22/sq. ft.
SN-DM-72-134#721-3/4"3.17mm665 lbs.Diamond$9.58/sq. ft.
SN-SQ-72-134#721-3/4"3.17mm665 lbs.Square$14.04/sq. ft.
SN-DM-21-134#211-3/4"1.77mm210 lbs.Diamond$3.60/sq. ft.
SN-SQ-21-134#211-3/4"1.77mm210 lbs.Square$4.41/sq. ft.
Often used for: Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball
SN-SQ-30-4#304"1.98mm310 lbs.Square$3.21/sq. ft.

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