Duraloop Dual Color carpeting on Business Entry

Duraloop Dual Color

Duraloop Dual Color Entrance Mat is perfect for outdoor or vestibules with medium to high traffic. Excellent scraping action and multi-directional walking surface.

  • Dual color fiber and looped design scrapes debris and drift form feet
  • Mat stays attractive even under harshest conditions
  • Durable vinyl backing helps keep mat in place on hard floors
  • Easy to clean; shake, sweep or hose regularly

Material: Extruded PVC

Thickness: .55" (14mm)

Surface: Looped

Duraloop Table Grey682S35BKGYDURALOOP DUAL COLOR 3 X 5 BLACK/GRAY36.00000.550060.000014.0000
Duraloop Table Brown682S35BNBEDURALOOP DUAL COLOR 3 X 5 BROWN/BEIGE36.00000.550060.000014.0000
Duraloop Table Brown682S46BNBEDURALOOP DUAL COLOR 4 X 6 BROWN/BEIGE48.00000.550072.000022.0000
Duraloop Table Grey682S46BKGYDURALOOP DUAL COLOR 4 X 6 BLACK/GRAY48.00000.550072.000022.0000
Duraloop Table Grey682R340BKGYDURALOOP DUAL COLOR 3 X 40 BLACK/GRAY36.00000.5500480.0000108.0000
Duraloop Table Brown682R340BNBEDURALOOP DUAL COLOR 3 X 40 BROWN/BEIGE36.00000.5500480.0000108.0000
Duraloop Table Brown682R440BNBEDURALOOP DUAL COLOR 4 X 40 BROWN/BEIGE48.00000.5500480.0000144.0000
Duraloop Table Grey682R440BKGYDURALOOP DUAL COLOR 4 X 40 BLACK/GRAY48.00000.5500480.0000104.0000

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