ED Single Phase Hoists/Trolleys

Harrington's ED electric chain hoists are a truly unique hoist offering engineered for maximum operator comfort & control. Our ED line is available in single adjustable speed (V), dual speed (DS), Infinity dual speed adjustable (DSA), and ergonomic dual adjustable speed (DA). These hoists are able to handle awkward loads by providing precise load positioning. The wide range of speeds and single phase power make any of these hoists the perfect solution for many difficult product handling problems. All ED hoists may be lug mounted to our ET mini trolleys for easy and smooth hoist travel.

  • ED-V single adjustable speed capacities 250 lb. through 1000 lb.
  • ED-DS dual speed and ED-DSA Infinity model capacities 125 lb. through 1050 lb.
  • ED-DA dual adjustable model capacities 125 lb. through 525 lb.
  • Lightweight and compact die cast aluminum body
  • Variety of high speeds support fast production needs
  • Easily installed, transported and stored


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