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Equipment Platforms


Optimize Space for Added Efficiency

Equipment platforms optimize the space in your facility by letting you build up rather than out, so you won’t spend extra money constructing a whole new area to put equipment. These mezzanines allow you to use the space under and around equipment for additional storage or workspace.

Decrease Equipment Damage & Increase Worker Safety

By elevating equipment on a stable platform, you can protect equipment from day-to-day traffic or in case of a natural disaster like flooding or earthquakes. All of Porta-King’s mezzanines are constructed to fit your needs and are IBC compliant. Equipment platforms are all constructed with:

  • Guard railings to prevent accidental falls during day-to-day operations or maintenance, increasing worker safety.
  • Gates to facilitate safe transfer of material to and from the equipment platform during maintenance or other manufacturing processes.
  • Customized structural design to ensure that the structure will be able to safely bear the load of your equipment.
  • Seismic-Resistant Design to improve the structures stability during seismic events to ensure heavy equipment stays in place.

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