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Extreme® 300 Series High Performance Grille

Extreme® 300 Series High-Performance Grille provides a long-term solution for high-traffic areas that require access control.

High Performance Rolling Security Gate

In high traffic areas that require access control, Cookson’s high performance security grilles provides a security solution that is engineered for longevity, opens 3 times faster than standard safety gates and comes with many advanced features.

Utilizing a variable-frequency direct drive, means there are not any sprockets or chains to wear or replace. This provides a security gate that reduces downtime with little to no maintenance while offering operating speeds of up to 24” per second. The smooth, high speed rolling gate is not only engineered for longevity, but easy to set up and install. Paired with our Apex SmartController, commissioning, setting limits and setting up status messages for the high performance roll up gate is simple. Even the plug and play wiring makes the grille’s operator installation a breeze while also accepting connections to virtually all activation systems. Available in either straight rectangular or offset brick patterns, multiple opening sizes, materials and finishes are available.

While the high performance gate features are great advantages, this safety gate also utilizes several advanced safety features. Built in UL-325-2010 (NEME 4X) photo eye sensor beams and 6’ tall safegard light curtain, ensure that when anything passes through the grille opening, the rolling gate is immediately halted and the direction reversed.

High performance, maintenance free, high speeds, advanced safety features and easy operation and setup show why the Extreme 300 security gate is a high demand product for parking gate systems in parking garages, airports, malls, transportation hubs and any high traffic entrance with security grille needs.

Product Overview

Standard Materials & Finishes

The 300 Series Grille open air design provides increased visibility and ventilation. Curtains are assembled with heavy duty 5/16” diameter aluminum alloy rods spaced at 2” on the center with aluminum tube spacers specifically placed to create two pattern options:

  • Brick Pattern
  • Straight Pattern

Curtains can come in the following finishes:

Clear anodized
Medium bronze anodized
Dark bronze anodized
Black duranodic

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