Fiberglass Standard Door

Fiberglass Standard Door

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Chem-Pruf creates fiberglass doors that are built to endure highly corrosive surroundings including saltwater, acid, detergents, and humidity. Each door is tailored to your specifications, and with the Total Opening Solution, they arrive pre-assembled and are easy to install.

Fiberglass Standard Door

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Features and Benefits

Chem-Pruf fiberglass door systems offer numerous benefits. The gelcoat finish is equal to 50-60 coats of paint, never needs to be painted, and will never rust. This means that the doors require minimal maintenance and have a longer lifespan than traditional doors. The plates are impervious to corrosive attack and provide outstanding protection against impact caused by high wind debris, making them ideal for use in hurricane-prone areas. The monolithic stile and rail prevent dirt, bacteria, and moisture from penetrating, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment. Optional windows are completely sealed to prevent the harboring of bacteria or standing water. Optional accessories, including thresholds, astragals, and sweeps, are designed to complement the doors and frames, while high-quality stainless steel hardware is available for a turnkey door system that is ready to be hung at the job site.

  • Chem-Pruf fiberglass doors can withstand harsh environments, including exposure to saltwater, chemicals, detergents, chlorine, acid, and humidity.
  • Doors are custom-made to meet specific requirements.
  • Doors are shipped pre-assembled in individual crates for easy installation.
  • 25 mil molded gelcoat door finish provides an impenetrable barrier against corrosive chemical and environmental attack.
  • Hand-laid plates are integrally molded in one continuous piece using high-quality resins tailored to the specific environment.
  • Monolithic stile and rail form a seamless solid edge, preventing dirt, bacteria, and moisture from penetrating.
  • The interior cavity of the door is filled with a corrosion-resistant material.

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