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Revolutionary four fold doors allow for easy operation, higher efficiency and less maintenance

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Four Fold Doors

Findoor folding doors are a revolutionary type of industrial door, referred to as four fold doors, that are designed for demanding workplace environments and can hold up against the elements. They are lightweight and are easy to operate.

Features and Benefits

  • These doors can withstand heavy usage - The great advantage to these doors is amount of money you save on maintenance. Even with heavy usage, folding doors can stay functional in comparison to other types of industrial over head doors. These doors are custom made to the specifications for each customer and are guaranteed to least 20-30 years with minimal maintenance.
  • Folding doors are fantastic for enduring the elements - The core of the folding door is a thermally insulated material that does not absorb water, and that core is clad in sheet steel with a treated surface. Whenever the door is opened or closed, steel hinges lift the door off the floor, keeping the weather-stripping on the door bottom in good condition and also making light work out of using the door. The weather-stripping, being made of EPDM rubber holds up well in extreme conditions. If needed, you can also get an entry door in the folding door itself, plus you can get fire resistance for your door up to a classification of EI30.
  • Folding doors are energy efficient - these doors prevent the transmission of heat, which help our clients save money on heating and cooling costs throughout the year. The weather stripping is designed to tightly seal moisture and outside air away from the interior. The male and female design weather-stripping between panels, as well as the door edging weather-stripping, squeeze tightly against the critical surfaces when the door is closed, and immediately separate from each other when the door is opened. The final result is a weathertight, heat transmission blocking door with weather-stripping that is good for many years. The folding doors furnished with windows are also very weathertight. In the fully glazed doors, much of the surface is glass, making it somewhat less thermally efficient.

Door Applications

These folding doors are an excellent choice for barns, fire stations, airport buildings, fabrication plants, carwashes and more. It's also important to note that these doors have one of the greatest lead times in the industry, shipping as soon as 4 weeks!

Selection Assistance

Barron Equipment is here to help you find the perfect solution for your application. We have seen how these four fold doors can assist businesses with becoming more efficient and save money. We'd be happy to help find the perfect door for you!

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