Flammable Safety Cabinet with Self Closing Doors – 90 Gallon

Flammable safety cabinet with self closing doors 90 gallon

Flammable Safety Cabinet with Self Closing Doors - 90 Gallon

Code-compliant flammable safety cabinets with self closing doors limit employee exposure, reduce risk of fire, and improve productivity through proper storage of flammable paint, liquids, and chemicals. 90 Gallon Capacity.

  • Self closing doors
  • Suitable for industrial and commercial applications
  • 14 gauge heavy-duty, double-walled door, 90 Gallon Capacity
  • Sloped shelves direct spills to back of cabinet
  • Includes 2 magnetic shelf labels per shelf
  • Designed and manufactured to NFPA code and OSHA standard
  • 99-Year Warranty

Product Description

  • 14 gauge, self closing doors – extra protection for use in high traffic areas
  • Heavy-duty leaf hinges – prevents common door sag
  • Galvanized shelves – 14 gauge, chemical resistant, and easily adjusted without tools
  • Sloped shelves – divert spills to the back of the cabinet and into the sump area
  • Magnetic shelf labels – keep the contents of your cabinet organized
  • 6” legs – allowing for easy forklift or pallet jack transportation
  • NFPA and OSHA Standards - Double-wall construction with 1.5” air space, two 2” vents with flash arrestors, 2” deep leakproof sump area, static grounding connection, and non-sparking 3-point locking mechanism with key.