Flatbed Trailer Netting Surround

Flatbed Truck Cargo Nets


Custom Truck and Trailer Cargo Nets from Barron Equipment Company meet the most demanding requirements.

These nets are ideal for securing modular-size loads and and those non-standard dimensions. With easy truck bed attachment points, securing loads is easy and provides extra safety.

Features of standard size nets:
  • S3000 3-1/2 inch mesh polypropylene netting
  • Reinforcement webbing 4-ft. on center available in yellow, orange, or green
  • One side with sewn-in chain for ballast


Flatbed Trailer Netting Surround
Product CodeSize (Ft.)
FBTN102510 x 25
FBTN122512 x 25
FBTN105010 x 50
FBTN125012 x 50
FBTN107510 x 75
FBTN127512 x 75
Flatbed Trailer Netting on Table
Flatbed Trailer customizable mounting options
Flatbed Trailer Netting Attachment Clip
Flatbed Trailer Netting Custom Size

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