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Freestanding Office Partitions

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Get Easy Installation with Modular Walls

Keep disruption to your workplace at a minimum. Equipping your office with modular partitions takes comparatively less time to install than traditionally constructed dividers. In addition, all Porta-King wall partition components are constructed at our factory and shipped to your location, which makes our construction process far cleaner.
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Redesign Your Office as Needed

Most importantly, choosing modular office partitions is a long term investment. Modular design uses interconnecting components that make redesign fast and easy. Porta-King will also redesign your office walls for free, even if you don’t purchase any additional products.

Custom Design Your Partitions for a More Productive Workplace

Every business should cater their workplace to their employees. Porta-King offers freestanding office partitions in a wide variety of style combinations, including:

  • Wall size: You create the layout and we produce panels sized to fit. This includes both width and height.
  • Sound reduction: With the addition of optional materials, we can achieve an STC rating as high as 47 with an average decibel (dB) reduction level of 48.
  • Layout: Whether your employees work best with an open floor plan or a private workspace, Porta-King employees can help you design the most productive layout for your business.
  • Doors & windows: Walls can be equipped with a variety of doors and windows to optimize how employees move through the workplace.

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