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GALVA-DECK™ Wire Mesh Decking

Galva-Deck™ is a cost effective galvanized wire mesh deck used with pallet racks. Each deck is reinforced with formed galvanized steel channels that are welded to the wire mesh. Wire decking is strong, safe and easy to install. Testing has shown GalvaDeck™ to outlast and outperform painted and powder-coated decks, not to mention the outstanding reflective quality of the galvanized finish. A product of the USA, Galva-Deck™ is designed and manufactured to meet your requirements.

Galva Deck Wire Decking


Our tag line, “Stack the Deck”, says it all. As in the game of cards where it is always advantageous to have the upper hand, so goes with owning the best possible wire decking on the market. Galva-Deck™ wire decking will work in your favor by exhibiting and providing the following characteristics:

• Better Abrasion Resistance • Improves Shop Appearance
• Promotes a Cleaner Environment • Better Value
• Reflects More Light • Stronger
• Longer Life • Brighter Coating
• Metallically Bonded Coating • A non-peel zinc coating
• Easily Installed • Made in America

At Barron Equipment, quality is all about assuring that our finished products will consistently meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. To achieve a high level of quality, we adhere to engineered specifications from procurement of raw materials, to our methods of testing and manufacturing practices. Simply stated, a quality product imparts value. You can rest assured that our products will perform the same tomorrow as they will today, providing years of hassle-free service.

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