12000 lb speed lift

Gold Line Speed-Lifts (10,000-15,000 lb capacity)

Gold Line Speed-Lifts

Our Gold Line features the SL-10000, SL-12000, and SL-15000 Speed-Lifts. For loading dock capacities of 10,000 pounds and higher, you need a heavy duty loading dock solution. These models are designed to load/unload trucks with powered pallet jacks and small forklifts. With its robust design, stability, and speeds 3X faster than a scissor lift, the cantilever-style Speed-Lift is truly an alternative to building a dock. See the video below.

The SL-10000 has a capacity of 10,000 lbs, the SL-12000 has a capacity of 12,000 lbs and SL-15000 has a capacity of 15,000 lbs.

Platform sizes are as follows:


SL-10000 Platform Sizes:
MODEL : W” x L”
SL-10000-C: 68” x 120”
SL-10000-D: 68” x 150”
SL-10000-E: 68” x 168”

SL-12000 Platform Sizes:
MODEL : W” x L”
SL-12000-C: 68” x 120”
SL-12000-D: 68” x 150”
SL-12000-E: 68” x 168”

SL-15000 Platform Sizes:
MODEL : W” x L”
SL-15000-C: 68” x 120”
SL-15000-D: 68” x 150”
SL-15000-E: 68” x 168”

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