Square Hatch Safety Netting Top View

Hatch Netting – Multi Bracket


Main Features:

  • Quickly installs in a roof or floor opening
  • Custom made to fit a new or existing application
  • 2" x 2" x .25" thick 304 Stainless Steel Brackets
  • Full 5-year warranty
  • Enhances employee safety
  • Allows freedom of movement
  • Offers full visibility of the area below the hatch net
  • 48-hour turnaround, expedited fabrication and rush shipment options

Hatch Net Description:

The hatch netting fall-thru protection system drastically reduces the risk of death or injury from a fall-thru in hatch installations. The hatch net meets and/or exceeds applicable OSHA and ANSI regulations (see below). Our fall-thru prevention system is lightweight and can be installed in any type of floor or roof access. Perfect use on retro-fit or new units. Barron Equipment Company can provide a hatch net in all shapes and sizes.

Basic Product Usage

Mounted safety net system designed to be installed in all hatches to reduce risks associated with fall throughs. The safety net system provides protection during the initial opening of this hatch and maintains protection after access has been gained. The safety net easily slides on guide rails to facilitate entry and then repositioned to prevent fall through. This system also provides excellent fall through protection while a hatch or other opening is left uncovered and/or while a worker is below. The Hatch Net can be manufactured to fit any roof hatch and all other floor openings.

Maintenance Schedule

Product should be inspected semi-annually by each owner.

Inspect webbing for visible decay, fraying, and ripped stitches. The hardware should be inspected for damage, broken or bent pieces.

Rectangular Hatch Nets
Item #Size
HNCSSN-B-222' x 2'
HNCSSN-B-232' x 3'
HNCSSN-B-242' x 4'
HNCSSN-B-252' x 5'
HNCSSN-B-333' x 3'
HNCSSN-B-343' x 4'
HNCSSN-B-353' x 5'
HNCSSN-B-444' x 4'
HNCSSN-B-454' x 5'
HNCSSN-B-464' x 6'
HNCSSN-B-555' x 5'
HNCSSN-B-666' x 6'
Circular Hatch Nets
Item #Size

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