HSI Model 351

Heavy Duty Freestanding Jib Crane

The Handling Systems International HEAVY DUTY pillar base mounted jib crane is built to last, and is ideal for processes that involve heavy lifting and constant use throughout the day. Fully customizable, this self-supporting 360 degree rotating jib crane mounts to the floor using HSI’s anchor bolts and recommended foundation.


  • Capacities up to 15 ton
  • Standard Spans/Heights up to 30+ feet
  • Custom heights and spans available


  • 360 degree rotation is standard
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  • Heavy Duty assembly with reinforcing side plates
  • Full plate style gussets for maximum load distribution
  • Heavy duty top thrust bearing with pressure fitted housing for ease of rotation
  • Heavy Duty roller cage that is built to last; steel rollers with low friction bearings, adjustable tension bolts, keeper bar, and zerk fittings
  • Built with safety in mind; anti-tip angles to prevent head removal from accidental impact and spacer rods to prevent head assembly plate flexing