freight lite vrc

Hydraulic Freightlite VRC

Autoquip's Freightlite® Optimizes Inventory, Handling, and Storage

The industry standard in vertical lifts, Autoquip’s Freightlite vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs) supports the lift carriage and load from beneath throughout the vertical travel of the lift. Freightlite lifts travel up to 183″ with capacities to 3,000 lbs. Hydraulic VRCs are often used for material transfer between landings, mezzanine access, and conveyor systems, which improves use of vertical building space, enhances stability and safety during load transfer, and increase manufacturing efficiency.

All Autoquip lifts are built with standard safety features.

Autoquip ensures a safe operation when using our lifting equipment. We also offer advanced safety features designed to protect the particular needs of the customer’s application, as well as safety products that further protect your personnel, equipment, and operating zone.

To review the information on safety options below, and to have any of these items installed on your custom lift order, give Autoquip a call. Our experienced sales team will work with you to make sure the right lift and proper safety items are provided to get the job done and safeguard both your people and product.

  • -Safety Guards & Handrails
  • -Safety Mats
  • -Bevel Toe-Guards
  • -Hanging Toe Indicator Skirt
  • -Electric Toe-Guard
  • -Non-Skid Walking Surface
  • -Velocity Fuses
  • -Travel Limit Switch
  • -Up-Stop Valve
  • -Photo-Eye
  • -Light Curtains
  • -Accordion Skirts
  • -Safety Enclosure System
  • -Foot Activated Floor Locks
  • -Emergency Stop Button
  • -Key Lock Out Switch
  • -Collision Detection
  • -Audible Signals
  • -Flashing Lights
  • -Safety Wings

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