industrial locker with 4 compartments

Industrial Locker with 4 Compartments


industrial locker with 4 compartments

Our heavy duty 12 gauge 4 Compartment cabinet. When you need to lock up parts the cabinet while getting into the other parts. This includes 14 gauge shelves that can be adjusted in 2 inch increments. 3-point locking device on each door can be locked with a standard padlock.

  • Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Industrial Cabinet
  • 6 Inch Legs
  • Shelf Capacity up to 950 lbs. for each Shelf

We haveĀ 3 product models available. Please contact for options.

Product Description

These 4 compartment all-welded extra heavy duty storage cabinets provides 4 separate compartments. It is manufactured from 12 gauge steel, these cabinets have all the features to last a lifetime. The all-welded design is built to last in even the harshest environments.

The features of these cabinets include adjustable 14 gauge shelves with up to 950 lbs. capacity per shelf, and can be adjusted in 2 inch increments. There are 8 shelves in the 6 foot tall models. The shelves are 21.5 inches deep. More shelves can be added if needed. There are 3 shelves in each side of the top compartments and 1 shelf on each side of the bottom compartments. Four people can easily work out of the one cabinet and keep their tools and personal items locked up for added security behind the 3-point locking device that includes a hasp built into the handle for use with a padlock. You can lock up the compartments that are not needs and only unlock the one compartment that is needed. The 6 inch tall 7 gauge legs are welded to provide mobility in lifting in order to move from one area to another.

These heavy duty 12 gauge steel floor model cabinets provide protection for valuable tools and machine parts. These cabinets are built for rough and tough industrial use. These cabinets are 24 inches deep to provide the storage without taking up too much of your shop floor.

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